Who Are We?

The Tech Incubator at Queens College (TIQC), is supported by the New York City Council as a startup incubator for tech freelancers, professional developers, and entrepreneurs.

TIQC aims to help startup companies and entrepreneurs to build successful technology companies, which in turn creates more job opportunities and drives new innovation and technology development in New York. With the advanced computational infrastructure and the CUNY community advantages, TIQC provides an outstanding environment for companies to turn innovative ideas into businesses and success.

Our Mission:

The Tech Incubator at Queens College seeks to provide tech companies with facilities, guidance, and access to the diverse and talented students, faculty, and staff of the college to help them grow.


William Keller

Vice President for Finance and Administration

William Keller serves as the chief financial and administrative officer of the college. Under the direction of the president, he exercises general supervision over all activities relating to finance, business, and administration.

The vice president also provides leadership for the institution’s ongoing efforts to pursue innovative business solutions and develop operating strategies to enhance revenues and efficiency that lead to more cost-effective administrative practices. Learn More

William Keller
VP for Finance and Administration

Theodore (Ted) Brown, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Tech Incubator at Queens College

Professor, Department of Computer Science, Queens College

Executive Director, CUNY Institute for Software Design and Development

Dr. Brown oversees CISDD, develops relationships with the software industry, develops software ideas and applications, facilitates CISDD's role in CUNY and determines the mission and goals of the Software Institute.

As Chair of the Computer Science department at Queens College, he engineered a great deal of change, including overseeing an ever-changing curriculum and implementing Java as the language for all students to learn. Professor Brown is also on the Executive Board of the New York Software Industry Association.

Theodore Brown, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Weeks Mensah

Program Director

Weeks joins the TIQC team after serving as Co-founder and Executive Director, Enza Academy. There Weeks focused on helping students of color design their revolution with technology. Weeks was part of a White House coalition of community and business leaders who committed to help disconnected youth join the entrepreneurship and technology ecosystem. An alumnus of the Clinton Global Initiative, he worked on initiatives to turn ideas into action.

In the private sector, he has worked with PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a consultant and took on a role at Viacom’s BET Networks’. In the public sector, Weeks has worked on Capitol Hill with Senator Chuck Schumer and Congressman Charles Rangel. Weeks graduated from The City College of New York, with a degree in Business Administration and Management.

Weeks Mensah
Managing Director

LinkedIn for Ying Zhou

Director of Interns

Information technology professional with broad experience in project management, risk management, enterprise application security and controls design and implementation, methodologies and tools. Extensive experience in training program design and delivery to a variety of audiences. Particularly interested in cross-sector collaboration, inter-disciplinary collaboration, innovation, design and design thinking, emerging technology, entrepreneurship and digital transformation.

Ying Zhou
Director of Outreach and Internship Coordinator

Haijun (Navy) Su

Systems Administrator

Mr. Su has extensive experience in developing, advanced network management, and web applications. He has rich and broad expertise in object-oriented platform, Middleware, UNIX systems, software reuse and third-party integration. Mr. Su holds M.S. in Computer Science from Queens College, CUNY. 

Prior to Queens College, he worked as a software engineer in Nortel Networks and Ericsson in China for many years. Mr. Su is also familiar with most programming languages, databases, and operating systems, such as Java, Python, PHP, C++, C, Unix Shell, MySQL, Oracle, Solaris, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

Haijun (Navy) Su
Systems Adminitrator

Sophie (Shu-Yuan) Wu

Project Administrator

Sophie Wu is a PhD candidate in Computer Science at the CUNY Graduate Center. Her research interest includes social dynamics, mobile data analysis and simulations. She has worked on modeling opinion formation in the Gur Game framework. She has been working on projects simulating transit signal priority in downtown Manhattan using bus health data and taxicab trip data to define the traffic congested areas in NYC. Sophie has also worked on a mobility modeling and simulation project for the US Military.

Shu-Yuan Wu
Project Administrator


Vincent Li is from Queens. He is majoring in Computer Science with a focus in web development. He will be receiving his BA degree from Queens College in Fall 2016. He is eager to get more experience with Full-stack development and Machine Learning. He understands the demand for tech talent in NYC and wishes to step up to the challenge. 

Vincent Li

I am senior and aspiring software engineer from CUNY at Queens College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science seeking an entry level position to start a career in tech. My technical expertise includes cross-platform efficiency, working knowledge in programming/scripting languages (Java, C++ and JavaScript).

During my senior year, as an intern for the Tech Incubator at Queens College, I demonstrated my ability to create a modern, user friendly UI using Django CMS, HTML, CSS and JavaScript along with Jinja templating to integrate plugins into their new site. Having excellent client facing skills, I participated in meetings, presenting features and clarifying the extent of the customization provided by the content management system to non-technical personnel. With an insatiable drive to learn, I picked up and started developing applications utilizing React and Redux to familiarize myself with the flux application architecture to build client-side web applications on my own time.

As a developer for Enza Academy I have worked with our designer to translate wireframes/PSDs into functional webpages for our website. Aside from coding I enjoy volunteering my knowledge to those willing to learn, as I did for Enza Academy Hackathon, as a tech mentor.


Angelo Zamudio

Gibryon Bhojraj is currently a post-bac student at Queens College taking computer science courses. He graduated Stony Brook University in 2015 with degrees in Biology and Political Science and minoring in Bioengineering. He's experienced with backend frameworks like Express.JS and views web development as the best way to make software solutions available to the public. He hopes to one day apply artificial intelligence and bioinformatics to tackle societal problems concerning politics and medicine.

Gibryon Bhojraj

Dianne Robbi graduated from Queens College with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Comparative Literature. She is an intern at Tech Incubator and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Computer Science.

Dianne Dannang

Louis Xia is a self taught programmer with focus in Front End technologies and Object Oriented Design.

Louis Xia

Dan Huynh

Dan Huynh

Jesse Seidman is a senior at Queens College pursuing a Computer Science BA with a minor in History.  He is proficient in C++, Java, and Swift and familiar with a variety of other languages.  He splits his time between pursuing front-end development and data collection/analytics in the hopes to become well grounded in full stack development.  He also hopes to gain experience in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and explore their practical applications in today’s tech world.

Jesse Seidman

Philip Parzygnat holds a BA in Computer Science and is pursuing his MA (Queens College). He has over a decade of experience with technology that started with DIY electronics along with legacy operating systems which later progressed to hardware support, networking, and systems administration then to lecturing and elementary web development then to graphic design along with front end development then to writing and publications and at present to full stack development and dev-ops. Parzygnat works at a NYC financial technology company (Dealflow.com) where he manages the company's internet presence along with marketing and publications infrastructure. Parzygnat has taugh elementary courses at York College and spends a deal of time writing creatively. Beyond technology, he is interested in art, philosophy and mathematics. LinkedIn

Philip Parzygnat

Intern Projects


Queens College

At its founding in 1937, Queens College was hailed by the people of the borough as “the college of the future.” Now part of the City University of New York (CUNY), Queens College offers a rigorous education in the liberal arts and sciences under the guidance of a faculty dedicated to both teaching and research. Students graduate with the ability to think critically, address complex problems, explore various cultures, and use modern technologies and information resources.

Located in a residential area of Flushing in the borough of Queens—America’s most ethnically diverse county—the college has students from more than 150 nations. A member of Phi Beta Kappa, Queens College is consistently ranked among the leading institutions in the nation for the quality of its academic programs and student achievement. Recognized as one of the most affordable public colleges in the country, Queens College offers a first-rate education to talented people of all backgrounds and financial means.

The beautiful campus consists of 80 acres lined with trees surrounding grassy open spaces and a traditional quad. The college boasts state-of-the-art computer and science laboratories, a spectacular music building, and the six-story Rosenthal Library. The major classroom building, Powdermaker Hall, has the latest technology throughout. An extensive commitment to sustainability has earned Queens College inclusion in the Princeton Review’s first-ever Guide to 322 Green Colleges.

TIQC is located in a dedicated building, CEP Hall 2, on an 80-acre, tree-lined Queens College campus surrounding a traditional quad with a magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline. You may reach us by car, by bus or by Queens College Shuttle.

Queens College is located at 65-30 Kissena Boulevard at the corner of the Long Island Expressway (LIE) and Kissena Boulevard (Exit 24) in Flushing, Queens. See Campus map or get directions here

Distinguished Alumni In Tech and Business

  • Russell Artzt

    Co-founder of CA Technologies
  • Charles Wang

    Co-founder and former CEO of CA Technologies
  • Boris Aronov

    Computer Scientist (Computational Geometry)
  • Anne Carter

    Technology Economist
  • Robert Moog

    Inventor of the Moog Synthesizer
  • Edgar Gilbert

    Coding Theorist
  • David Gries

    Computer Scientist
  • Elissa Shevinsky

    Information Security Researcher
  • Alexander L. Wolf

    Dean of the Baskin School of Engineering and Former President of ACM
  • Kenneth Appel

    Mathematician who proved the four color theorem
  • Gary Barnet

    Founder of Extell Development Company 
  • Jill E. Barad

    Former CEO of Mattel
  • Jerry Colonna

    Venture Capitalist and Entrepreneur Coach
  • Mark M. Ford

  • Leonard P. Forman

    CFO of New York Times
  • Leonard Grunstein

    Finance Executive
  • Charlie Harary

    Investor and Motivational Speaker
  • Stewart Liff

    Management Consultant and Author
  • John Tantillo

    Marketing Consultant

Where We Are

TIQC is located in a dedicated building, CEP Hall 2, on an 80-acre, tree-lined Queens College campus surrounding a traditional quad with a magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline.
You may reach us by car, by bus or by Queens College Shuttle.