TIQC Presents:ShayCPA

Sept. 29, 2017 | by Nina Lopez-Ortiz

Nina Lopez-Ortiz


This week’s startup in focus: ShayCPA

The Tech Incubator at Queens College welcomed Akshay (“Shay”) Shrimanker our first CPA member, in February of 2017. ShayCPA brings 10 years’ experience, an openness to technological advancement and security to an often outdated and less than eco-friendly market.

TIQC Presents: Tevah Media

Aug. 29, 2017 | by 2


In this installment, we take a closer look at resident Noah Morris and his digital marketing company. Noah started Tevah Media with one goal in mind: Make online marketing simpler and easier for businesses.  If there is one thing you can count on its Noah rising up to any challenge facing your business as he handles your design, content and marketing needs with his unique warmth and genuine care.

TIQC Presents: StreetLib USA

Aug. 15, 2017 | by 2


Italian startup StreetLib has made waves in the euro publishing market. StreetLibUSA looks to make the same impact by bringing innovation to an industry slow to change, and control to the authors who want it.

From nothing and near death, to now a man changing the world.

Aug. 2, 2017 | by 2

Kidmoto CEO Nelson Nigel gives us some insight into his life. This rags to riches story gives us a glimpse of the hardships and challenges Nelson encountered to get where he is today. // Read the original article on LinkedIn.

TIQC Presents: Doppler LLC

July 11, 2017 | by Dianne Dannang

Dianne Dannang


Doppler LLC, founded by Joe Colson, is a technology consultancy specializing in cyber security. Having three additional collaborators across the country (Virginia, Hawaii, and Washington State), Joe categorizes Doppler as a virtual company. Doppler provides services to small businesses whose priorities are not IT. For these companies, Doppler LLC becomes an external IT service.

Queens Native Creates Family Airport Car Service

June 29, 2017 | by Angelo Zamudio

Angelo Zamudio

Written By Ariel Hernandez Staff Writer for Queens Tribune. Guyana-born and Corona-raised Nelson Nigel is on a mission to ensure that small children are provided with safe travel when being shuttled to and from Queens’ airports. Following the recent launch of his Kidmoto, a city airport car service that provides car seats for families with children, he is one step closer to doing so. // Original Article on Queens Tribune

South East Asia opens up to StreetLib’s catalog with eSentral!

June 27, 2017 | by Angelo Zamudio

Angelo Zamudio

Published on June 27th on Medium. Written by AC de Fombelle. The Malaysian ebook store eSentral is joining us to help books get shared and read worldwide! // View original article on Medium.

StreetLib selected to participate in the International Innovators Initiative (IN2NYC)

June 14, 2017 | by Nina Lopez-Ortiz

Nina Lopez-Ortiz

[LORETO - NEW YORK CITY, 06/06/2017] Giacomo D’Angelo, StreetLib USA’s managing director, has been selected to participate in the International Innovators Initiative (IN2NYC) , created by the New York City Economic Development Corporation in partnership with the City University of New York (CUNY).  

LinkedIn: A data scientist's take: Who's snagging the most talent from Top Companies?

May 23, 2017 | by Nina Lopez-Ortiz

Nina Lopez-Ortiz

Published on  Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn. As the data scientist who worked on both the 2016 and 2017 LinkedIn Top Companies lists, I was directly involved with uncovering the companies our members are most interested in now. The results are always intriguing — and it made me curious about how else these companies stand out. // Original Article on LinkedIn

TIQC Presents: Energy EDC

May 23, 2017 | by Nina Lopez-Ortiz

Nina Lopez-Ortiz


Energy Economic Development Corporation (Energy EDC) is one of the first members of The Tech Incubator at Queens College. The Energy EDC’s mission is to help communities enter new energy markets by acting as a funding vehicle to renewable energy generation.